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A day is shortly coming that some people is looking at with apprehension, for others in excited expectation, whilst the remainder of us are scratching our heads not understanding what things to make of it. Therefore, what am I talking about? Why, Black Friday, the day immediately following Thanksgiving Day in america.

Traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving used to mean one thing for retailers: it was the first day within the extended retailing calendar in which a shop could make enough money [move goods] to see annual losses [for bookkeeping purposes represented by the color red] turn into gains [represented by the color black]. Supposedly, all the sales completed throughout the year were done at a loss until that one big day, Black Friday, whereby enough goods is sold to reverse course and also to start to turn a gain for the year.

Now, retailers don’t rely on only one day, even though some news reports still appear to suggest the day after Thanksgiving is really critical for them. In fact, retailers have long since spread their reliance on Black Friday further out; now it’s a whole season, Christmas, that finally decides whether a retailer turns a profit for the year or not.

Naturally, if you’re part of this one little, but substantial part of the people who must rouse themselves up at 5 a.m. one day after eating Thanksgiving dinner and schlep over to your neighborhood retailer to wait on customers for twelve straight hours then the day is, understandably, black for you. Happy Black Friday!